Frequently Asked Questions

What is selve – The Shoe Individualizer?

selve is unique: selve sells 'semi-bespoke' shoes. Semi-bespoke describes a process positioned mid-way between bespoke (where the cobbler carves a wooden last of the foot before making the shoe and a conventional ready-to-wear shoe store.) Semi-bespoke shoes can be made to order in up to 40 different size variations and enables an individual to design many aspects of ther personal selected shoe style. Shoes are hand made. Delivery is between 4-6 weeks, depends on the style.

How does the measuring and fitting work?

To commence the process we recommend new customers to visit our trunk show. You can check out the trunk show dates on the trunk show webpage

For the trunk show visit you need to book an appointment for your personal fitting. The duration of a typical first-time appointment is about one hour.

If it's impossible for you to visit our trunshow, we are happy to help you with the foot-type-determination you can find here.

For customers wishing to place subsequent shoe orders, these can be individually placed by phone, via e-mail, online or in person.

Is there a charge for the consultation?

No, the consultation is free of charge and there is no pressure to buy. It is very important for us, that our customers are happy, so you can take all the time that you need to make your decisions.


How does the selve process work?

Selve has it's own measuring system, we developed this system through a huge measurement series ), so we can offer far more sizes than a conventional shoe store. Therefore the chances of finding a comfortable fit are considerably enhanced.

Step 1:
We have a neutral shoe style in every size and and width available for trying and sizing.
The fit is subjective and therefore several shoes maybe need to be tried before we and the customer a happy and the sizing is accurate.

Step 2:
The customer selects the preferred shoe style, which is subsequently made in the individualized size.

Step 3:
This is the fun part. There is a choice of heel, colour, material, lining colour and sole. The styles featured on the Website are on display and are made for your inspiration.

If you are interested in an custom last or a boot we will scan your feet or calves before we do the fitting using a digital scanner so that we can gain detailed understanding of the customer's feet or calves characteristics.

Which sizes are available?

Sizes 1 – 11 in three different widths are available. If necessary we can produce the shoes on the right and left site in different sizes. We make the shoes to fit and adjust them individual for our customers comfort.

Do you have different collections?

Our collections are divided in the following categories: women's, men's, golf, bridal and golf. Men's shoes are also available in women's sizes and women's shoes in men's sizes. We cannot guarantee the availability of a specific leather. Prevailing prices will apply.

In addition to the styles shown on our website new styles and styling options such as new heel shapes are regularly introduced. Each month there is usually one style in a certain leather combination of our collection on special offer, it is called 'Style of the Month' and available on special conditions, only during a certain period of time and as long as supply lasts.

What is this customisation?

selve enables customers to:
-Match colours to outfits, e.g. the wedding dress
- Design a shoe that is unique to you
- request longer or shorter straps on shoes
- variable heel height and shape options

Can I also buy boots at selve?

Finding good fitting boots is a challenge for lots of women. We can make boots to fit most legs. The boots are hand made, the delivery is 6 weeks and may require a second fitting.

What kind of leathers do you offer?

We offer an extensive range or top quality leathers. You can find all our materials here.

Where can I find the price for the shoe?

Please refer to our website for current prices. They are always shown next to the shoe style when you click on one.
Supplementary Charges can appear e.g the fee for making a custom last, additional shoe accessories like bows, additional laces.

Do you have a showroom?

Our permanent showroom is in Munich, Germany. Should you wish to view shoes before you order them, you can make an appointment for one of the trunkshows we frequently host in central London. We offer a free of charge swatch service because computer monitors do not always reliably convery colours or textures. But if you are on a business trip or holidays in Munich, we are indeed happy to welcome you in our head base.

Can I buy gift vouchers at selve?

Why not treat someone special to a voucher so that they may enjoy the ultimate shoe experience?
Just call us, send an e-mail or order it online letting us know to what value you would like a voucher made out for and adding a personal message. Then we will send the voucher either to you or the recipient.

Is there a guarantee for the shoes?

The shoes are produced in our own factory. Your individually designed shoes are made with great care. For the production we only use carefully selected, premium quality materials. We guarantee first-class quality and faultless condition of our shoes for 6 months from dellivery.

What kind of payment do you accept?

By card. We accept Visa and Mastercard, debit and cedit cards.

A 50% deposit becomes payable at the time of ordering your personalised shoes - the balance becomes payable when you are notified your shoes are available for collection or delivery.

What are the delivery options?

You can collect your shoes personally from one of our trunk shows or we dispatch your shoes to a given delivery address within normal business hours. We ship internationally to all countries using DHL.

Delivery to the UK is free of charge.